Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Help me get space to host an PiFi SD card image!

UPDATE: Thanks to those who signed up using my referral link, I now have a little more space and the pressure is off (for now), I won't stop anyone else who reads this and still wants to sign up since you get a bonus 500MB too and I can always use more space.

I'm getting ready to release an SD card image of the PiFi Mini project but my dropbox space is very low so I'm going to make a shameless plug :)

If I could just get 1 person to create a dropbox account using my link I'll get 500MB which is enough to host 1 image. If I get more then I'll have room to host images for future Pi projects etc.

For those of you who don't know what dropbox is they explain it better than I can

Basically it's free online "cloud" storage that syncs with a folder on your computer, you get 2GB free to start. It's invaluable for sharing content that's too large to email and is really hand when collaborating with others.

So if you don't already have it then do me a solid and use my referral link and I'll get an extra 500MB, I'm not sure if they're still offering it but you might get an extra 500MB too!